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Don?t Be Cruel

Although the responsibility of caring for a pet can be a positive experience for a child, parents must be vigilant in ensuring that the rights of the pet are protected. A responsible adult should check the pet several times a day and must insist that the pet is fed, exercised, groomed and provided with companionship on a consistent basis.

Parental supervision of family pets is essential because children do not always treat their pets in a kind and responsible manner. Cruelty to animals includes with-holding essential care OR deliberately hurting a pet.

Not feeding a pet or keeping it clean may be indications of laziness or irresponsibility. But deliberately harming an animal by hitting, smacking or shaking it, suggest serious emotional problems in the child that should receive immediate attention.

The first act of an adult who observes their child acting cruelly should be to intervene and protect the pet. Once the pet is safe, the adult? s attention must be turned to the child.

Research has shown that children who commit acts of cruelty towards animal s of ten do not stop there. The FBI has found that adults who commit violent crimes often have a history of being cruel to animals as a child. Stop cruelty before it is a problem. Don?t Be Cruel

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