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Euthanasia: Proud Paws Policy

The most heart-wrenching aspect of Nassau?s stray and roaming dog problem is that there are simply not enough homes available for the large number of unwanted dogs and cats each year.

The Bahamas Humane Society (BHS) and ARK together re-home several hundred dogs and cats each year. Both organizations usually have a good selection of puppies, kittens, dogs and cats waiting to be adopted. Many more, however, cannot be found for them.

Proud Paws does not re-home dogs and cats. We believe that there are always more than sufficient animals available from BHS and ARK to fill the current demand for adoption animals.

Our approach is a pro-active one. Persistent promotion of our services using a spay hotline manned by volunteer staff will make it easy for owners to make contact with Proud Paws. We plan to make a systematic sweep through New Providence, section by section, promoting responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering.

We anticipate that we will on occasion be asked to assist with the euthanasia of old, sick, or intractable animals. Although finding a home for every unwanted animal would be ideal, we know that at the present time, this is impossible.

We believe that painlessly ending the suffering of a dog or cat is preferable to all owing it to continue to live without proper food, shelter, and a caring and responsible owner.

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