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President's Message

Message From Dr. Peter F. Bizzell,
Veterinarian and President of Proud Paws

New Providence?s stray and roaming dog and cat problem has existed for more than 100 years. Animal lovers who visit our island, are appalled by the numbers of thin and diseased dogs that roam the streets of Nassau.

Proud Paws was established as a registered not-for-profit charity earlier this year and has as its primary mission the reduction of unwanted and stray and roaming dogs and cats by means of a well-organised subsidized spay and neuter project.

There are estimated to be 10-20,000 stray and roaming dogs on New Providence, most of which are destined to live a short and miserable life, as they are without adequate food, shelter, veterinary care and human companionship.

In many cases the main obstacle to getting a dog or cat spayed or neutered is the lack of transportation. We are fortunate to have been presented with a top-of-the-line animal transportation vehicle that will be used to transport dogs and cats for spaying or neutering to and from the veterinary clinic. This vehicle was kindly donated to Proud Paws by Caves Village Development Ltd.

Our primary goal is to spay or neuter 1,500 dogs and cats per year. Our secondary goal is to promote responsible pet ownership through an education program, which will cultivate a more caring attitude towards animals within our community.

We are prepared to work closely with The Bahamas Humane Society, A.R.K., the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and other organizations to improve the lives of pet animals throughout the Bahamas.

As an animal lover, I know that the predicament of animals on New Providence distresses you as much as it does me. For too long this disgraceful situation has been allowed to continue. It seems that many of us have become immune to the suffering of the countless stray and roaming animals in our midst and to others the problem seems overwhelming and impossible to solve.

I believe, however, that with a focused and concerted effort over the next five years this long-standing problem can be greatly diminished or eradicated. With your help we can finally end the suffering of homeless dogs and cats on our island.

I invite you to support us as we work to achieve our goals.

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